Alexander Wang Speaks Against Lawsuit | Designer Defends Production Facilities

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Alexander Wang

Alexander WangAlexander Wang has spoken out against allegations of sweatshop-like conditions in his New York City production house.

The court case, spearheaded by former employee Wenyu Lu, claims workers toiled for long hours in subpar conditions. It also alleges employment was terminated when workers requested compensation. However Wang says the claims are “completely untrue.”

In reality, this case was filed by an individual who was let go by the company as a result of serious harassment issues,” he clarified. “We stand by our decision to promote a safe workplace environment for all employees regardless of false claims that may be waged against us in retaliation.

However that account still doesn’t explain why 30 other Wang employees were named in the initial lawsuit, and why another former employee added her name to the list after it was filed.

Last week the case was transferred to New York Federal Court. This change has encouraged plaintiffs to ask the presiding judge to consider it a class-action suit. While Wang’s had words to say, he has less than three week to make an official statement regarding the lawsuit.

And so the saga continues. These are some strong allegations, and whether they’re proven or disproven the bad publicity is likely to tarnish Alexander Wang’s name. How do you expect this case to pan out?

[Source: Huffington Post]
[Image Source: Ed Kavishe/Wikipedia Commons]