Lady Gaga Defaces Hermes Birkin Bag … Now With Studs!

Posted on: Jun 1

Lady Gaga is at it again; defacing Hermes Birkin bags that is! Not two months after she was spotted carrying a white Hermes Birkin with some hand-drawn Japanese character, she was snapped carrying an edgy black studded version!

No one's really sure whether Lady Gaga ordered this one or did the job herself, but I'd vote for the latter. The studs are not at any regular intervals as I'd expect from Hermes. But this free-form hardware looks a bit more professional than the Magic Marker covered bag, and a bit more painful!

These are some heavy duty studs; the spiky sort that could prove dangerous in a crowd! It's an interesting take on the current studded trend, and one that I actually love. I'd never have the courage to try such a gutsy amount of self-customization, so I can't help applauding Lady Gaga's daring.

And at the end of the day it gets us talking, which is what real fashion is all about!

[Source: The Purse Blog]
[Image Source: Domain Barnyard/Flickr]

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