Lady Gaga Defaces Hermes Birkin Bag in Japan

Posted on: Apr 14

When I heard the current Queen of the Bizarre Lady Gaga arrived at Tokyo's Narita Airport carrying a Hermes Birkin I was shocked. Surely the trendsetting Gaga wasn't succumbing to the charms of modern status items! But I should have known that the pop star wouldn't play by the rules.

Lady Gaga had neatly penned some Japanese characters on her pure white Birkin with black marker pen. The script roughly translates to "I love small monster, Tokyo Love." She scrawled the same message on her arm. Yes it's wacky and bizarre, but isn't that just what we love about Lady Gaga?

Many of us may gasp at the thought of defacing such an expensive handbag, but isn't that the point? Lady Gaga loves to shock, and surprisingly in this day and age she manages to keep doing just that. Her kooky kind of artistic expression is just what the world needs more of!

[Source: BagSnob]
[Image Source: Stephen Carlile/Wikipedia Commons]

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