Hermes Handbag Sold for Peanuts at Scottish Charity Store

Posted on: Oct 14

A Scottish stylista recently bagged a bargain, after paying just a few hundred pounds for a Hermes handbag. The prized purse was sold at the Cancer Research UK shop in Pitlochry, Perthshire.

It's estimated that the bag was worth at least £1500, but the store owners were happy to accept the much smaller donation.

"Myself and Sarah, who works out in the store, were looking through a selection of bags, and then this classy looking bag appears at the bottom of the plastic bag. I was still trying to work out what it was, when Sarah starts jumping around saying 'It's a Hermes. It's a Hermes,'" explained store manager, Mary Butchart.

The charity store was inundated with calls as rumors of the Hermes handbag quickly swept the town.

"Yesterday I received over a dozen calls from people saying they're interested in the bag, but on Monday a woman came into buy it. We'd been urged by people to put it up on eBay but as a charity we can't do that. However, this woman came and was willing to pay the cash up front for the bag, so we thought it was a very fair offer."

I'm sure the mystery buyer agreed! This is definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time.

[Source: STV News]
[Image Source: Liu Wen Cheng/Flickr]

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