Philip Treacy Bag

Pensioner Buys Philip Treacy Handbag at Oxfam | ₤20 Elvis Bag Worth ₤350, 000

John Richard may be the luckiest pensioner in the United Kingdom. The 73-year-old Londoner paid just ₤20 for a handbag he...
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Sondra Roberts Beach Day Clutch | SR Squared Button Purse

Aw, don’t you just love the cute round buttons on this Sondra Roberts clutch? I have always been a big fan...
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Hermes Handbag Sold for Peanuts at Scottish Charity Store

A Scottish stylista recently bagged a bargain, after paying just a few hundred pounds for a Hermes handbag. The prized purse...
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Aldo Dororado Patent Bow Clutch | Kitsch Snakeskin Silhouette Purse

Aldo has done it again. That is, they have produced a cute, lovable bag that is completely affordable. And when I...
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Saks Fifth Avenue Sale | Up to 40% Off Designer Handbags Before Christmas

Dania of SenoraCartera recently found out about the Saks 5th Avenue private sale with up to 40% off. Here’s what she...
Dania P.
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