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Posted on: Jan 25

Burberry Printed Canvas ToteBurberry's classic designs have made the British fashion house a preppy staple for decades. Lately, it's been experimenting with slightly edgier designs and working with materials that are a little more affordable. Frankly, the results are more interesting to me than anything it's put out in years and this canvas tote is a good example of this.

If you look closely at the print on this bag, you'll notice that it isn't just any graphic. It's a stylized and abstract interpretation of the classic Burberry check. Still, it looks new and cool, and ready to hit the streets and make other women jealous. I love the harsh contrast of the black and white combined with the bleeding brushstrokes.

The shape of this tote seems slightly off to me. It bows out a little awkwardly at the sides and looks a little clunky, generally. The lighter brown trim and strap don't work particularly well with the overall design, either. They detract from the interesting contrast of the bag. Also, while $545 is totally reasonable within the Burberry price range, I don't think this particular bag is worth it.

More Features Of The Burberry Printed Canvas Tote

  • 14" x 14" x 9"¬† size
  • 7" handle drop
  • Removable zip-fastening pouch

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