50 Unusually Bold and Bizarre Bags 21-30

Posted on: Nov 16

The $52k Bag

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This Louis Vuitton Tribute bag is made in France and is a patchwork mess of 14 Louis Vuitton bags. Louis Vuitton has definitely made a mark on the fashion industry, and many LV bags remain classics to this day. Somehow I don't imagine it to be the case with this one, despite the hype. Only 24 were made and Beyonce Knowles is one of the lucky owners of this $52,000 purse.

Undergarments Exposed

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Many people like to keep their undergarments concealed under clothing, but others are proud to show them off. This bag celebrates the latter. These were in about seven years ago, no joke. They are stiff, have small entry zippers and only get so unique. Corsets are still in, but it will be up to you whether or not carrying this around town is an option.

A Bag Against Breast Cancer

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Handbags made from bras are popular and are generally made and sold as a way to promote the fight against breast cancer and promote awareness. These are fairly simple to construct and make a positive statement. Although you may not carry it around on a daily basis due to the size and functionality, the cause is close to all of our hearts, so you should take the chance to fight it however you can.

Skunk Fur by Fendi

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Although the skunk is not the best loved animal anywhere, we're sure PETA still doesn't appreciate this Fendi skunk fur purse. Does anyone know if skunk fur is soft though? Getting too close to one anywhere else would be a hazard. With such detail, this bag may be too much for some to handle. Decorated with the fur of a skunk, many would say this bag really stinks.

Chinese Take Out Bag

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Love Chinese take out? This is the handbag for you. The design is clever and creative, to say the least. The use of materials to craft a small purse into the likeness of a take-out box speaks for itself. Just be sure to keep things straight; you wouldn't want anyone to dump noodles into your purse, unless you don't have anything else to pack your leftovers in.

Chicken Feet

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Everyone loves a bag with form and function; classic structure mated with a creative twist make this accessory quite unique. We're sure this handbag is sure to get second looks. To protect the bottom of the bag from scuffs, it actually has feet. And not just any feet either; they are chicken feet. It looks like it's about to run away!

Toad Bag

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This strange looking bag looks like an oversized toad. What's not to love? Plenty. Wait a second, you're right; it is an oversized toad. We don't have to get into all the issues you may come across carrying this beaut, like nausea and ugly looks, but one has to wonder how much actually fits inside of the bag. If nothing else, it can function as a glorified cell phone case.

A Swinging Dead Cat Bag

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The design of this dead cat bag may not be a favorite for cat lovers, but it's definitely an attention getter. It doesn't look easy to carry, with an inflexible bar as the handle. It also seems relatively small, which wouldn't allow for many goodies, despite how inconveniently wide the purse is. How does it open? We hope it doesn't follow anatomy.

Peacekeeper Bag

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Live in a rough neighborhood? This purse has a brass knuckle handle that shows thugs you're not to be messed with. But really, most reasonably sized purses can function as a decent whacker. We think this is more of a statement of attitude than statement of actual functionality. Although, it looks like the handle is removable, so you can get down to business if need be.

Russian Doll Handbag

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This absolutely precious handbag is made from the outermost Russian nesting doll. It's unusual and completely irresistible. It would be a great little accessory for a night out on the town, and the classic colors allow for easy matching with many outfits. A wonderful plus is that it appears able to hold more than just a tube of lipstick, maybe ID, your cell, and some cash, which is something we all look for in a formal handbag.

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