50 Unusually Bold and Bizarre Bags 11-20

Posted on: Nov 16

Eco-Friendly Purse

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Some people rinse and recycle plastic bottles, but an Austrian Industrial Design had another idea. Miulein cut the bottoms off of two bottles, connected them with a zipper and made this sweet little green change purse. It's cute and you do your part to save the planet! When I think of this purse though, I remember of how easily plastic two liters are crushed.

Cops and Donuts

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This purse appears to be a part of a costume or gag (we hope). The handcuffs may not have been the best choice of handle for comfort, but cops and donuts definitely go together like pigs and mud. This bag illustrates that wonderfully by attaching a pair of handcuffs to a yummy looking strawberry glazed donut. And not to mention, the sprinkle beads are a lovely touch. No, really, who doesn't love sprinkles?

Personal Assistant Bag

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If you have a bad habit of leaving your phone, keys or other essentials behind, this purse is for you. This purse was developed by a team of six women researchers at Canada's Simon Fraser University. It was named "The Ladybag" and prevents you from leaving without your stuff. The purse has a reader at the bottom and all the stuff you don't want to lose gets a RFID tag. If you forget something, led lights on the outside of the bag will let you know.

Piano Sock Purse

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This little change purse is perfect for fans of music and tiny feet. Especially tiny feet, they're adorable. It's made from a sock with a piano key design and closed with a sturdy latch at the top to keep all your goodies secure. The major downside to this little guy is that too much change would put a strain on the sock, and stretch it out a bit. Hopefully they come unused as well.

Monster Purse

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It may not go with every outfit, but this bag is both functional and unique. The material looks soft enough to cuddle with and is a decent size for all the necessities. C is for cookie, which is good enough for me. This purse looks hungry, and adorable.

Manhole Purse

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We're not sure what to make of the manhole purse. It appears to be realistically styled and sized to actually double as the real thing. If you actually do put anything in this bag though, it will just look like a misshapen blob of metal. Perhaps there is some hidden meaning to this bag, or maybe it was simply made in Japan where not much makes sense!

Ground Round Bag

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Where's the beef? Right there, on your arm. Aren't you craving a nice, juicy hamburger now? What a great convenience, whenever your'e hungry, you can break off a piece of this bag to grill up. Just think of it as a two-for-one deal. Oh, you think it's gross? Well, that's OK. Thankfully, this purse is an advertising prop and not a serious handbag.

Cupcake Purse

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Katy Perry made this purse all the rage when she carried it at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Now many people carry this sweet treat on their arms too. Cupcakes are so in right now anyway. Gourmet bakeries are pumping out specialty cupcakes galore! Immortalize your favorite baked good in a fabulous, glittering fashion. But please don't take a bite!

Armadillo Purse

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An armadillo bag is going to get noticed. This bag is certainly unique and you can be almost certain you'll be the only one carrying it at the next social event. These subtle colors are perfect for fall, and just in case you get lonely you'll have a buddy to hang out with! Anyone could easily fall in love with this purse, if only it had an adjustable strap too.

Fur Toad Purse

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This bag simply cannot be explained. It's a toad, covered with mink fur. It would be great if it didn't remind everyone of the outcome of some terrible adult film involving Kermit the Frog and a cute bunny. Exciting? Perhaps. Bizarre? Definitely. If you want to make a bold statement, then this bag is for you. It's up to you how to carry it though.

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