50 Unusually Bold and Bizarre Bags 41-50

Posted on: Nov 16

Candy Wrapper Bag

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This bag was made from candy wrappers that would have ended up in the landfill, which makes it not only super cute, but eco-friendly as well. It reminds us of the Capri Sun bag, but in a cute, pocket-sized coin purse version. It looks like there are many kinds of candy wrappers to satisfy everyone's preferences, and there are fun colors to boot!

Saddle Bag

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This may possibly be the only saddle bag any woman wants. It's great for showing off a western flair and the perfect bag for true cowgirls. It also looks durable, which is definitely a plus. We just want to know how much it stores and how you carry it. Maybe you can just hold it by the horn. And don't we all wish it came with a free pony attached?

Persuader Gun Purse

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If you loved the brass knuckle bag, you'll want to add this accessory to your collection of hardcore stashing, missy. Enter the gun purse; plenty of storage with none of the bite. While this gun purse certainly commands attention, it's probably not the best choice when traveling, visiting the bank or attending public events.

Cheese Bag

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Getting hungry again? Well if the hamburger bag wasn't enough for you, we found some cheese. This bag is purely a cheesy novelty though. No one would seriously carry a bag that looks like a giant wedge of cheese, would they? If you're a mouse or from Wisconsin, maybe. Hey, it will match your cheese hats! Just remember to refrigerate after use.

Football Bag

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This football bag really scores with sports fans. Celebrate the American tradition with this unique purse this coming football season. If you need an improvised ball, this bag presents the perfect opportunity; only make sure it's zipped up and your cell phone is removed. It is also perfect for Superbowl parties or any other time you'd like to show off your love of pigskin. And hey, it will be man-approved.

Nintendo Purse

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Gamer girls, you're going to love this one. The Nintendo purse lets everyone know you could totally pwn them at Super Mario. Though small and a bit boxy, this purse has great functionality. Also, if you happen to be short an NES controller at home, simply remove it from your purse! Have some fun on the run with the built in screen. Who needs an iPhone?

Speaker Purse

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This speaker purse shows the world you're really into sound. Plug your devices right into the purse and start jamming! This purse is sleek and fashionable, yet functional. We'd recommend using it on sunny days though. What audiophile wouldn't want to carry this bag? Keep the volume down though while you're not at home; you might ruffle some feathers.

Boot Bag

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This adorable little rain boot bag brightens even the darkest days. While retrieving your keys from the toe may be difficult, not to mention what other things could get stuck down there, the cute factor is definitely high enough to make up for the inconvenience. You can even give your bestie a matching one; who needs BFF necklaces? You have BFF boots.

Zipper Bag

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This clutch handbag is covered in zipper pulls, which could make actually finding and opening the real zip closure tricky. However, it is interesting to look at and if you remember the location of the real zipper, all is well. At least you won't have to worry about all of these zippers getting stuck somehow, they just look very unique. Clutches can really step it up a notch to add something special to your cute outfit.

Cassette Tape Purse

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Feeling nostalgic? This cassette tape purse is a throwback to days gone by and comes complete with handles that look like unraveled tape. Not only is it a creative design idea, it's not overdone, and comes in subtle neutral colors to go with many outfits. It might even make a great bag to carry your laptop in, along with all your other essentials.

And One More... Chanel Goes High Tech

Chloe of Splendicity suggested that this high-tech Chanel bag should be added to the list, and I agree. While not the weirdest bag on the menu this is a bag in a bag! While the transparency might be popular with airport security, it certainly won't be mainstream fashion item.

Now all that was weird, but what about the obsession with dogs in handbags?

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