50 Unusually Bold and Bizarre Bags 31-40

Posted on: Nov 16

Rubik's Cube Handbag

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The popularity of the Rubik's Cube has endured for decades. Many variations and sizes of the puzzle have been produced over the years and now you can show your love for the boxy classic with this purse. The colors are young and fun if you're looking for something spunky to spice up a simple outfit or to make a statement with accessories.

Batwing Bag

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Rubber bat wings have never been as functional or attractive as they are when crafted into a purse. Especially with the super hero fever that has hit our culture recently, this accessory would be a great addition to any fan's collection. Classic black will allow wear for many occasions and it's also perfect for Halloween, to conceal all those candies with.

Book Bag

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Your idea of a book bag has never been like this; bookworms can celebrate this creative DIY purse. It is made from a real book and is definitely unique. We imagine you can take the concept to all kinds of places, with the beautiful book covers out there. The only downside is that you no longer have the book - you have a purse that used to be the book - so keep your digital copies handy.

Capri Sun Clutch

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This clutch handbag is made from empty Capri Sun drink containers. It may look pretty simple to make, but let's face it - getting those Capri Sun packages clean isn't going to be, so we should just leave it up to the creative mind behind the design. It's irresistibly cute and good for the environment. Add this to the list of green accessories! What's not to love?

Wooden Handbag

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Clutches are cute, functional for a night out and come in all shapes and materials; now welcome wood to the clutch club. This sleek and stylish wooden clutch bag fits the bill for any elegant occasion. The look is simple and classic, yet anything but ordinary. And if anyone bothers you, you can swiftly clunk them over the head.

D20 Purse

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This 20-sided die is actually a DIY kit, and would be great to put together on a relaxing afternoon with a lot of spare time. Channel your inner geek girl with this bag, but we don't recommend using it during a game of Dungeons and Dragons though. For those who want to take a little gamble and spend the time putting it together, this bag can be a real conversation starter.

Cake Purse

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It looks good enough to eat, but you'll want to show restraint and keep this bag handy for dashes to the bakery. The soft terry cloth and cute design would make a great bag for a young girl. It would help teaching her to carry a purse, but create a fun way to do it! If you're a big pastry fan, I don't see anything wrong with carrying it around town either.

Chicken Purse

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This chubby hen purse is very unique, to say the least. It's roomy, which is a plus for all those ladies who carry everything but the kitchen sink with them to the grocery store. The only concerns presented are the non-adjustable handles and the fact that it looks like it's made out of porcelain. We just hope it's a shiny plastic. It's especially perfect for all those chicken lovers.

Map Purse

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Who needs Google Maps when you've got this handy purse! Never get lost again! Then again we hope it's a map of where you live, and of the immediate area where you travel. Because you can't change it, unless you make another purse. Even if you don't use it as a map at all, it's a cute, roomy bag that will look great on your arm.

Used Soccer Ball Purse

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This bag was made from a used soccer ball. How they got it that way must have been challenging, since they're pretty inflexible. It may not appeal to everyone, but soccer moms can definitely get behind the idea. And if you're going to try to make one at home for yourself, take a video while you try to turn it inside out and then send it to us.

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