Women’s Handbags at Risk | Purses Carry At Least £342 of Essentials Every Day

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The theft of your favorite handbag is devastating, not just because you’ve lost your prized designer accessory but also what’s inside it. New research shows that the average woman regularly carries more than £342 worth of “essentials.”

Some of the big ticket items include a mobile phone, MP3 player, designer sunglasses, wallet, and cosmetics.

“I think £342 is a conservative estimate,” said Victoria Barrett of www.itsmyid.co.uk, adding that the loss could be much greater if personal effects are stolen. This is an important lesson as the research states almost two-thirds of women carry documents containing their name or address, and 71% carry a driver’s license or passport.

What it [the research] doesn’t take in to account is the cost of losing your ID if your passport is cloned, let alone getting new keys cut for your house or car and the inconvenience of having to cancel your credit cards and pay for a new driving licence,” she continued. “This study highlights the importance of keeping your belongings and identity as secure as possible.

The study shows that almost 18% of women will get their purse pinched, and one out of every 20 victims will have their identity stolen. It’s a good reminder to consider what we really need to carry inside our handbags, as we never know when we’ll become one of those unfortunate statistics.

[Source: Daily Mail]