Women Hoard More Than Essentials Inside Their Handbags

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What goodies do you have in your handbag? And which items are you willing to ‘fess up to?

While most of us carry around a cell phone, wallet, lipstick, tissues, keys, and cards, research suggests most of us are weighed down with much more. The study suggested women carry as many as 63 different objects, including some strange ones like detachable car CD players and screwdrivers for emergency spectacle repairs!

We may be carrying plenty, but most girls admit that 92% of our handbag stash isn’t useful. In fact, around half of respondents said they use between one and five of their bag “essentials” on a regular basis!

This research shows that whilst we recognize that we don’t need all these things cluttering up our handbags we do still tend to cling on to objects ‘just in case’ – we are nurturers by nature and therefore prepare accordingly,” explained psychologist Anjula Mutanda. “All we really need though is just five essential items, as identified in the research, that will actually have a use on a day-to-day basis when we are out and about.”

Those must-haves include a purse or wallet, set of keys, a cell phone, packet of tissues, and a pen and notebook. What, no cosmetics?

If you’re looking to clear out the clutter, Anjula suggests five top tips:

  • Ditch the oversized handbag for one that fits your lifestyle. It should carry what you need, and not much more.
  • Declutter your handbag every night, removing those pesky receipts and used tissues.
  • Choose a lightweight purse that won’t weigh you down. You’ll find it easier to notice when you’re carrying too much.
  • Get rid of chunky keychains and all those old keys you never use.
  • Consider using compact versions to minimize your load. Think a smaller purse, mini notebook, and pocket pack of tissues.

[Image Source: Danielle Blue/Flickr]