Victoria Beckham’s Handbags Sell Out | Posh Spice’s Popular Accessories Line

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Victoria Beckham Bags

Victoria Beckham Bags

The high prices of Victoria Beckham’s maiden accessories collection haven’t deterred eager shoppers. The first two styles released sold out just an hour after hitting Net-A-Porter.

I would have assumed people were still smarting from Christmas, but keen bagistas still found the £8,950 asked for that ultra luxe hexagonal chain crocodile bag. If sales are any measure of success, it seems that Victoria Beckham’s place in the fashion world is assured.

When I first got wind of the high price tags attached to these purses, I was incredulous. Victoria Beckham might be a stylish woman, but she’s untried in the world of fashion. I wasn’t sure the former Spice Girl had what it takes to mix it with high end designers. But with results like this, it seems like the prices weren’t so ridiculous after all.

If you’re one of the unfortunate souls you missed out on a Victoria Beckham bag, don’t worry. A second delivery is expected to arrive in February. That’ll give you a little time to save up the thousands Becks is commanding!