Victoria Beckham Plans Fashion Stores | Bricks and Mortar & Online Outlets on the Horizon

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Victoria Beckham

Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham is planning to sell her apparel and fashion accessories at a new bricks and mortar store and an e-commerce site.

Despite starting to talk retail outlets last summer, Beckham hasn’t made any firm location plans yet. Early reports suggested she’d set up shop in New York, but Beckham says she’s now leaning towards the British fashion capital of London.

It’s an interesting choice for British-born Beckham, who lives in the United States and has shown her designs at New York Fashion Week. However the popularity she gained during her stint in the Spice Girls continues to endure in the United Kingdom, so perhaps it makes sense to capitalize on that brand awareness.

Beckham says she’s also interested in exploring the growing Asian market, but a store in Hong Kong or another Eastern fashion capital may be some time off.

Asia’s very exciting to me, I’m just scratching the surface at the moment,” she conceded. “I just want to take baby steps, build this business at a steady pace. I don’t want to rush, I don’t want to run before I can walk.

With an e-commerce site also in the works, perhaps it doesn’t matter where Beckham bases her bricks and mortar store!

[Source: Fashionista]
[Image Source: Chris/Wikipedia Commons]