Victoria Beckham Latest Celebrity to Design Handbag Line

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Victoria Beckham plans to expand her VB fashion line, with handbags next on the agenda. She reportedly hopes the endeavor will take her brand to the top-end of the accessories markets.

Victoria is looking for designers from the top houses to help her put together a high end collection that will rival her favorite brands, like Louis Vuitton and Dior,” a source claims. “She wants the range to be classic but contemporary, and she’s interviewing designers she wants to work with personally.

Vicks has certainly got an eye for high-end fashion, with a collection of Hermes Birkins reportedly worth £1.5million. And that’s not to mention all her other arm candy!

But I have to wonder where Mrs Beckham finds the time! Between being a supportive soccer wife, mother of three, occasional singer, and sometimes American Idol judge, she’s one busy lady! Hopefully she’ll find a moment to give this handbag business a real go, rather than simply slapping her name on the finished product.

[Image Source: Tawny Kate-aen/Wikipedia Commons]


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