Victoria Beckham Collaborates with Katie Hillier on Signature Handbag Collection | Posh Spice Designs Purses

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We heard of Victoria Beckham’s plans for a signature handbag line last August, but now it seems the project is picking up steam. It’s been confirmed that the former Posh Spice will work with accessories designer Katie Hillier on the purses.

There is a bag line in development and Katie has consulted on the technical aspects of bag construction in line with her experience in the industry,” a spokesperson for Beckham explained. “As with all her ranges, Victoria has sought the best consultants to ensure the highest level of quality at manufacture for her designs.

Just like Victoria, Katie Hillier knows a thing or two about fashion. The designer has worked with the likes of Marc Jacobs, Luella, and Henry Holland in the past. Their shared taste for contemporary reinterpretations of classic style looks should give fashion fans some indication what to expect.

There’s no word yet on when Victoria Beckham’s handbags will be released, so start saving your pennies!

[Image Source: Ron Whisky/Wikipedia Commons]


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