Valentino to Appear on “The Martha Stewart Show”

Posted on: Mar 11

It doesn't strike me as odd to hear that fashion designer Valentino will be visiting New York City next week. What puzzles me a little is the fact that he'll be in town to film an appearance on The Martha Stewart Show.

Sure, Martha has had all kinds of celebrities on her show, from Jennifer Garner to Conan O'Brien, doing all kinds of domestic things. But I just can't wrap my head around what she (or rather her staff) will have prepared for the aging legendary Italian designer. Maybe they'll just talk about their equally infamous love of dogs.

Of course, I'm sure we'll hear some discussion about Valentino's upcoming documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor...maybe even a few clips? Dare we hope for some inside info? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Set your TiVos to record the show, which is set to air on Friday, March 20.

[Source: NY Mag/The Cut]
[Image: Stacie Joy for CTTC/Flickr]

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