Topshop Makes Reclaim to Wear Collection | Eco-Friendly Backpack & Apparel

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Reclaim to Wear Backpack

Reclaim to Wear BackpackA denim backpack is amongst the fashion offerings in Topshop’s new eco-friendly Reclaim to Wear collection.

The British fashion retailer teamed up with green label From Somewhere’s eco-conscious Reclaim to Wear initiative to create the pieces entirely from discarded fabrics. Surplus stocks and production remnants were utilized to create the rucksack, some maxi-dresses, cheeky boy-shorts, lightweight baseball style pullovers, and more.

From Somewhere’s co-creator Osola Castro says the Reclaim to Wear program is the first step towards creating zero-waste fashion lines.

I trust that the Topshop team’s commitment to new sustainable solutions will lead to the reconsidering of consumption versus disposal throughout the whole fashion-industry supply chain,” she added.

The Reclaim to Wear capsule collection is Topshop’s latest green effort. You might remember the fashion chain collaborating with urban music star Pharrell Williams on a denim collection crafted from recycled PET bottles in 2010. Last year it commissioned local designer Izzy Lane for a line of ethical woollen coats produced using the fleece from her personal flock of rescue sheep.

And it seems this won’t be Topshop’s last Reclaim to Wear range either. The chain’s buying director Emma Wisden said, “The blueprint that Orsola and Filippo have developed with us will hopefully allow Topshop to scale this project and apply the learning across a broader section of the supply chain, for the next collection.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The debut Topshop Reclaim to Wear collection, featuring that casual backpack, hits Topshop stores on June 15.