Study Says Handbags Weigh as Much as Small Children

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How heavy is your purse? Recent studies show that the average handbag weighs 23 pounds. To put that in real life terms, it’s the equivalent of carrying around a 15-month-old child!

So what is weighing our handbags down? The most popular item is a cell phone, with 85% of women and 43% of men carrying a mobile in their bag. Other commonly found items include “keys, pens, tissues, headache tablets, chewing gum, MP3 players, lip balm, a mirror and deodorant.” It’s little wonder that our handbags are so heavy!

Here are some interesting tidbits from the survey though. It seems women aren’t the only ones overstuffing their bags. Men are actually twice as likely as girls to carry spare underwear and pet dogs in their bags! One in 20 men carry a pooch in their purse, compared to one in every 100 women.

So most of us aren’t carrying dogs, but our handbags still weigh as much as a small child? It seems to me that we need to reevaluate what we mean by handbag essentials, or at least invest in more lightweight bags!