Straw Studios Talia Tote | Nautical Canvas Carry Bag with Rope Handles

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Straw Studios Talia Tote

Straw Studios Talia ToteStraw Studios trades in its usual straw for canvas with this Talia Tote.

I’m personally glad Straw Studios stepped out of its usual box. The canvas fabric is every bit as summery as the natural fibers Straw Studios usually works with, but it’s much stronger. While woven straw bags inevitably break after a few season’s exposure to the salty sea air, this tote should survive several summers.

The Talia’s not the most stylish tote on the market, but I really like the way the bold fuchsia base and accents pop against its naturally toned canvas body. The soft rope handles give the tote a relaxed, nautical vibe.

The Talia is enormous, so I can’t imagine it becoming part of your everyday wardrobe. However you’ll be thankful for that extra space when you’re hitting the beach or farmers markets. The side pockets go some way towards keeping smaller items organized, but it’s really made for carrying bulky goods like fluffy towels or fresh produce.

If it were more expensive I’d hesitate to indulge in the Talia. It’s too big for regular use, and too season specific for splurging. But this baby costs just $69. At that price you’ll quickly get your money’s worth.

More Features of This Straw Studios Canvas Tote

  • Snap closure
  • Dual handles with a 5.5 inch drop
  • Measures 6 x 22 x 15 inches