Sondra Roberts’ New Footwear Line | Designer Makes Shoes to Match Handbags

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Sondra Roberts Shoes & Handbags

Sondra Roberts Shoes & HandbagsSondra Roberts has expanded her fashion empire with the launch of shoes designed to coordinate with her iconic purses.

We definitely did some coordinating styles for that customer who wants a complete look with their handbag,” explained Sondra Roberts’ national sales manager, Robyn Albaum.

If you’re a fan of the New York designer’s purses you’ll recognize the metallic washed leathers, perforated leathers, and other materials used in the footwear.

I really like the concept, as it makes getting ready for a great night out even simpler. And how often have we all bought a clutch or pair of stilettos that don’t work with anything else in our closet?

The Sondra Roberts shoes are priced to suit all budgets, from $23 for the sandals to $120 for dressier shoes like platform clogs and contemporary slingbacks. You’ll find them at specialty stores, high scale department stores, and fine shoe salons across America.