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Roxy Shadow View Backpack

Roxy Shadow View BackpackWe’re all enjoying the heat of summer, but school will be back before you know it. If you’re still hitting the books, or there’s someone in your life still studying, this Shadow View Backpack from Roxy is a fun and affordable option.

We could never call it sophisticated, but the Shadow View has a playful pattern that’s sure to appeal to budding fashionistas. Its obvious branding is a bit out of step with the modern world, but I love the way the cacophony of colors and prints explodes over the white polyester fabric. This material isn’t very luxurious, but it’s a smart sturdy option for a bag of this ilk.

The Shadow View’s design is well thought out, with plenty of interior and exterior pockets. I particularly like the mesh ones at the side, which provide easy access for snacks, tissues, and lip gloss. They don’t look very secure, but they’re so deep that whatever you stash inside should stay in place.

A bag like the Shadow View probably won’t be part of your wardrobe once you graduate, so I’m glad to see it costs just $42. For that price, you can afford it, your textbooks, and school supplies!

More Features of This Roxy Printed Backpack

  • Hand washable
  • Lightly padded back panel and shoulder straps
  • Measures 18 x 12 x 5 inches