Christian Louboutin Releases 3Way Limited Edition Bag | Convertible Leather Men’s Accessory

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Christian Louboutin 3Way Bag

Christian Louboutin 3Way Bag

Why should girls have all the fun? After releasing a flurry of limited edition women’s handbags and footwear to celebrate his 20th year in the biz, Christian Louboutin is treating his male fans to a limited edition convertible accessory dubbed the 3Way Limited Edition Bag.

The 3Way Limited Edition Bag first appears like a backpack. Detaching the shoulder straps converts it into a tote. Its removable front pouch can also be used as a stand-alone accessory.

The 3Way Limited Edition Bag is crafted from high quality leather and available in masculine black. That material adds luxury to the functional piece while making it even more versatile. I imagine men might use it as a backpack during the day, and then transform it for a more elegant look once the sun goes down.

It had better be versatile for the price though. I never expect anything with Christian Louboutin’s name attached to come cheaply, but I didn’t expect it to cost $2900. Women tend to pay whatever the designer asks simply because they’re so enamored with his work, but will men be so keen to embrace the 3Way?

The release of the 3Way Limited Edition Bag is part of Louboutin’s long-term strategy to expand his men’s line. It’s available from selected retailers around the globe.