Ashley M Saucer Shaped Handbag | Quirky Brown Synthetic Leather Purse

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Ashley M Saucer Shaped Handbag

Ashley M Saucer Shaped HandbagAshley M’s made a name for itself by taking risks. Often these fashion gambles result in kitschy accessories we’d never use, but occasionally the label’s daring pays off. And then we get a bag like this Saucer Shaped Handbag.

I still don’t expect this Saucer Shaped Handbag to be everyone’s cup of tea, but its avante-garde design could have easily come from a high-end designer like Jil Sander or Emilio Pucci. It appears something like a flying saucer, or in this coffee brown perhaps it seems more like a football! Either way it’s striking, but it doesn’t cross the line and become silly.

This Saucer Shaped Handbag is let down by its finer details. As we find through the Ashley M line, it’s made from synthetic rather than real leather. That keeps costs down, but it also sees the finish suffer. It’s quite thin, and not as supple as it should be. I’m also not sure about the bow decoration, or those tiny wrist straps. The effect’s lost a little when you attach the cross-body strap, but the purse is much more practical in this mode.

Ashley M hasn’t created the handbag we’ve all been waiting for here, but it’s come close. And for a mere $46, it encourages us all to take a few more fashion risks.

More Features of This Ashley M Quirky Handbag

  • Gold toned hardware
  • Fabric lined interior
  • Measures 2 x 15 x 13 inches
  • Also available in black and gold

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