Research Reveals Handbag Spending Habits | Harris Poll’s Bags Study

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Purse with Money

Purse with MoneyNever underestimate the importance of carrying the right handbag. New research details the way brand names influence our accessories decisions.

The Harris Poll compared the percentage of shoppers who base their handbag purchases on designer names around the world. In China the figure is a whopping 75%, while in the United States only 20% base their purchase on brand. It seems fashion lovers in Asia are swayed by those brand names, as 66% of Indians and 49% of shoppers in Singapore are influenced by the designer name. It’s less relevant in Europe, where 32% of Italians, 25% of Brits, 22% of the French and 17% of Germans base their decision on the brand name.

The study also concluded that many shoppers believe designer handbags have superior quality compared to the average tote. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love a bargain. Shoppers prefer to look for sales, and share news of their savings with their friends. In the US and China 89% of shoppers would tell their friends about a bargain.

That doesn’t mean that most fashionistas are happy to wait a season or two to enjoy the discounts though. Many consumers love being the first of their friends to own the latest It bag.

So what about you BagBunch readers? What influences you to lay down cash for a shiny new handbag?