Reese Witherspoon Ditches Python Chloe Paraty | Actress Bows to PETA Pressure

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Reese Witherspoon Blue

Reese Witherspoon BlueReese Witherspoon has bowed to pressure from PETA and vowed to stop carrying her python skin Chloe Paraty purse.

It’s believed Witherspoon’s decision came after she watched a documentary, sent to her by the animal rights group, which outlined the appalling way snakes are treated by the fashion industry.

Reese was quick to tell PETA she’d decided to ditch her exotic Paraty. It seems now all is forgiven, as PETA’s senior vice president Lisa Lange declared that Reese is “a kind person.” She added that she was “pleased – and not surprised” that Reese is forgoing her python purse.

Many celebrities have been criticized for wearing animal-skin fashions, but I can’t recall anyone else backing down like this. Do you think Reese Witherspoon did the right thing?

PETA hopes that Reese’s “honest mistake” will encourage others to indulge in faux crocodile and snake skins rather than the genuine articles. Or why not just ditch the reptilian style skins altogether? Reese has already been spotted carrying a blue satchel on a Beverly Hills shopping trip, and that drew plenty of admiring glances. However there’s no word on the material of her latest accessory yet. Do you think PETA will be back on the offensive if it hears her latest purchase is made of leather?

[Source: The Daily Mail]
[Image Source: Pete Souza/Wikipedia Commons]