Recycled Street Sign Briefcase | Tripp Gregson Saves Aluminum Roadsigns

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Recycled Street Signs Tote

Recycled Street Signs Tote

North Carolina artist Tripp Gregson has created a work bag which will stand out in any office with this Recycled Street Sign Briefcase.

Just as its name suggests, this briefcase has been carefully crafted from old traffic signs destined for landfill. The signs give the briefcases a pop of color and a real retro appeal, but the material also has a practical purpose. As well as being eco-friendly, the aluminum is super tough.

The inside of each briefcase has been padded and kitted out with organizational pockets. It’s just the thing for keeping your laptop, important documents, and stationery in order each day. There’s also a combination lock, so you can rest easy leaving your briefcase in the office while you head out for lunch. And finally there’s a carry strap to make your daily commute a little easier.

All too often eco-friendly designers forget about those modern perks, so it’s refreshing to see Tripp Gregson include all the contemporary touches we expect in a briefcase. We do pay for the privilege though. All those little extras see this Recycled Street Sign Briefcase costing $250 from the Uncommon Goods website. It’s available alongside a range of recycled street sign goodies from Tripp Gregson, including bookends, martini glasses, and a back scratcher!

[Source: Uncommon Goods]