Project Repat Turns Threadless T-Shirts Into Tote Bags | Limited Edition Eco-Friendly Capsule Collection

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Project Repat Threadless Totes

Project Repat Threadless Totes

Project Repat and Threadless have teamed up for an eco-friendly tote bag collection.

Each of the six bags in the range is crafted from old Threadless T-shirts. The upcycled nature of the totes will see them produced in limited edition runs of 100 bags. The creation of each tote saves three T-shirts from landfill, and gives garment makers one hour of fair wage work.

The materials are undeniably green, but they’re also very functional. The double-layered totes can be turned inside out for two fun looks. The existing T-shirt pockets become handy places for stashing a cell phone or keys. The fabric’s also very strong. Project Repat founder Nathan Rothstein says they can hold watermelons and bowling balls. Chances are you won’t need them to carry anything so heavy, but isn’t it nice to know they can?

The bags will be handcrafted at Opportunity Threads, a worker-owned cut and sew firm operating in Morganton, North Carolina. This unique business puts its clients first, but keeps its workers at the heart of the firm. It looks to revolutionize the textile industry with its emphasis on the planet and its people.

The limited edition totes are available from the Project Repat website for $27.99.

[Source: Ecosalon]