Prada’s Video Game Ad Campaign | Striking Fall Winter 2012 Commercial

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Prada Fall Winter 2012 Ad

Prada Fall Winter 2012 Ad

Prada’s transported its models into a video game world for its striking fall winter 2012 advertising campaign.

The ads feature a who’s who of up and coming fashion beauties including Anne V, Iselin Steiro, Madison Headrick, Elza Luijendijk, Vanessa Axente, and Magdalena Frackowiak. Steven Meisel shot the girls staring blankly on the steps of a geometrically designed videogame world.

Prada’s used some interesting techniques here. By giving the models the same vacant stares, they lose focus. Instead we’re drawn into that bold background, with its unusual dimensions and perspectives.

But is an ad really successful if we find ourselves looking at the backdrop rather than the models and the clothes and apparel they’re wearing? I found myself spending some time taking in these commercials, but the fashions didn’t hit me as much as what surrounded them. I quite like the look of those patent mini doctor bags, but it took me a while to notice them. Should an advertisement instantly draw attention to the products it’s selling, or does the Prada ad work because it inspires us to look at it longer?

I’m not sure I have the answers, but I appreciate Prada trying something new. This is a very different campaign to others that have cropped up this season. What are your impressions?

[Source: Fashionista]