Photographer Annie Leibovitz and Others Design for Louis Vuitton | Auction to Benefit the Red Cross

Posted on: Sep 24

Famed fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz is stepping out from behind the lens for a new project. After years of capturing images for photo shoots and a recently publicized financial woes involving a Supreme Court lawsuit, Leibovitz is trying her hand at a different kind of fashion career: designing handbags.

The photographer, whose work with Vanity Fair and labels like Dior and Louis Vuitton is well-known, has joined British artist Damien Hirst, Marc Jacobs, and others for a special design project to create limited edition Louis Vuitton bags. Their designs will be auctioned off at Sotheby's in London on November 17. It's not for fame or fortune, however, since the auction will benefit the Red Cross in celebration of their 150th anniversary.

Leibovitz's design is a large monogrammed backpack trimmed in black leather with a matching shoulder bag. A photography equipment-holding backpack isn't exactly Louis Vuitton's typical product, but something tells me that no one is questioning the photographer-turned-designer's talent.

See more of these artist-designed Louis Vuitton bags and trunks at Fashionphile's website.

[Source: Grazia Daily]
[Image: fashionphile]

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