Mary Frances Bombshell Wristlet | Striking Beaded Evening Purse

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Mary Frances Bombshell Wristlet

Mary Frances Bombshell WristletIf you’ve always appreciated Mary Frances’ artistry but struggled with her propensity for kitsch, this Bombshell wristlet may be the bag for you.

There’s still some level of novelty to this ostentatious purse, but it’s much subtler than the accessories which look like mai tais and telephones. Its eye-catching beads create an alluring, Middle Eastern inspired collage. Their classic earthy colors should help the Bombshell work itself into your evening wardrobe.

Bags that look like the Bombshell are notoriously impractical. Its interior is so small that even carrying the essentials will prove challenging. The satin lining makes it feel a little more luxurious, but there’s no getting around the severe storage limitations. At least the pretty wrist loop makes carrying simple, while adding an extra dose of charm.

I can’t imagine anyone was considering buying the Bombshell for its functionality though. It’s all about those dramatic good looks. If you’ve fallen for them you’ll happily note the Bombshell’s not unreasonably priced at $218. That’s a lot to spend on a bag with such a distinct look, but it’s also relatively affordable for such an elaborate design.

More Features of This Mary Frances Beaded Wristlet

  • Made of canvas
  • Magnetic snap fastener
  • Unique numbering shows limited edition status
  • Measures 7.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Made in The Philippines
  • Comes with a dust bag