Luxury Backpack Trend | High End Knapsacks Dominate Fashion Catwalks

Posted on: Feb 1

Backpack SilhouetteWhen Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen released a $39, 000 alligator backpack through their The Row label a few seasons ago, we all scoffed. Yet it seems the celebrity sisters were on to something. Their luxury handbag sold out, and now it seems other high end labels are clamoring to replicate their success.

Backpacks have been all over the new season catwalks as fashion houses follow the latest "sport luxe" trend. I find this blend of casual athletic gear and high class luxury curious, but it's rare that I embrace everything on the runways. Do you think you could pull it off?

If so you might enjoy the burgundy leather backpack Alexander Wang showed, or the edgy metallic green ones on Felder Felder's catwalk. It's hard to shake the feeling that this style of bag is intended for school kids, but the rise of the backpack is a surprisingly practical fashion trend. We have all the space we could hope for, and if we use the dual straps we won't even get the chiropractor bills that usually come with large accessories!

Just remember to wear yours in the center of your back, so its base sits just beneath your waistline. Too high and you'll look like a super keen student; too low and you'll seem like an angry emo kid. Neither look exactly screams high class fashion, does it?

[Source: The Telegraph]
[Image Source: Barun Patro/Stock.xchng]

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