Love Mert Recycles Leather for Chic Accessories | Upcycled Purses & Jewelry

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Love Mert Skiver Pouch

Love Mert Skiver PouchNew York accessories label Love Mert proves the old adage that one man’s trash is another’s treasure. The company’s enigmatic founder turns old leather and scraps of wood from her father’s workshop into modern purses, jewelry, and scarves.

Many green warriors shun the use of leather for fashion, but Love Mert challenges that view. Its leathers are the remnants left over from other American factories and the skins from unused vintage clothing. It sources leather destined for the scrapheap and keeps it out of landfill. What could be wrong with that?

Love Mert bags are accented with wooden beads and accents, which give them a rustic, earthy look. Peek inside and you’ll find soft linings made from sustainable hemp linen or organic cotton cloths. The patterned fabrics are colored with non-toxic, water-based inks, which don’t leech harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Even the rivets are relatively green as they’re sculpted by hand rather than mass produced.

I’m particularly fond of this Skiver clutch, with its bold white zigzag hand printed pattern popping against the black upcycled leather. At $68 it also won’t put a dent in my budget!

All the label’s accessories are carefully handcrafted in Love Mert’s Californian studio to minimize its carbon footprint. They’re then sold through selected American boutiques and Love Mert’s website.

[Source: Love Mert website]