Louis Vuitton Sunshine Shoulder NM Bag | Monogrammed Rose Purple Denim Purse

Posted on: Jan 20

Louis Vuitton SunshineAfter being buttoned up with winter fashions for months, I'm looking forward to taking a more relaxed approach to style. Spring brings with it more casual accessories, and courtesy of Louis Vuitton, some Sunshine.

This is a very different kind of purse from Louis Vuitton. Its traditional brown and tan signature print is replaced with a more subtle faded monogram. That soft rose color, which seems like it's been bleached by too much time in the sun, is another welcome change. The use of denim, rather than classic leather, is also ideal for this casual warm weather bag.

Leather is used as an accent rather than the main event here, adding a bit of structure and style to the Sunshine's relaxed, slouchy silhouette. The tan cowhide and pale denim is complemented by vivid fuchsia strap. This handle is completely adjustable, so you can use the Sunshine as a shoulder bag or a cross-body purse.

Sadly it seems the interior is an afterthought though. Its single open pocket is inadequate for keeping the generously sized space organized. That buckle closure is also a fiddly way to keep the bag secure. I'd be tempted to leave it open if that didn't compromise our security so much.

Considering its lack of functional features and luxury materials, the Sunshine is overpriced with a recommended retail value of $2330. But that's par for the course when it comes to Louis Vuitton. If you've got money to burn, this shoulder bag is a fun way to do it.

More Features of This Louis Vuitton Denim Shoulder Bag

  • A luggage tag
  • Measures 10.4 x 10.2 x 4.7 inches

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