Louis Vuitton in Miniature | Vincent Bousserez Takes Whimsical Bag Photographs

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Louis Vuitton Miniature Photo

Louis Vuitton Miniature Photo

Photographer Vincent Bousserez has created a dreamlike world in miniature for a new artistic collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

Through a series of photographs, Bousserez imagines what might happen at the Louis Vuitton Champs-Elysees store when doors close at the end of a day’s trade. We see teeny tiny figures using the Louis Vuitton bags as their playground. Some tend to the adored purses, while others believe their luxury monogrammed surfaces are perfect for a round of golf!

I immediately though that it would be interesting to get these people out of their artificial world and to bring them to life in ours,” Bousserez explained. “The gap between what we expect from them and what they actually (and where they do it) do allows space for the humor, dreams and imagination.

The photographs are so whimsical and magical that they take viewers right back to childhood. They also allow us to appreciate Louis Vuitton accessories in a whole new way. I’ve never looked at the designer bags so closely before, but I’m impressed!

I’m not sure whether this photographic series will encourage more people to invest in Louis Vuitton handbags, but they should put smiles on the faces of a few luxury lovers.