Louis Vuitton Expands California Store | South Coast Plaza Boutique Gets a VIP Area

Posted on: Jan 2

Louis Vuitton's store in South Coast Plaza, California just became a lot more luxurious. The boutique now has a brand new area made exclusively for VIPs.

The 950-square-foot space, located above the Nordstrom wing, is only accessible via a wood-paneled instore elevator. Those lucky enough to receive an invite can lounge about on a Madame Recamier-style sofa, watch the flat-screen TV, and of course, shop for Louis Vuitton goodies. Some of Louis Vuitton's most famous fans through history – Lauren Bacall, Katherine Hepburn, Catherine Deneuve, and Gregory Peck – are featured in black and white photographs on the walls. There's a fitting room, a butler's pantry, a restroom, and catering by local French bistro March Moderne.

While other Louis Vuitton stores in America have VIP spaces, the South Coast Plaza one if the first built to resemble a salon or maison.

While the elite room is the cornerstone of the South Coast Plaza renovations, ordinary Louis Vuitton fans don't miss out entirely. The boutique has also recently updated its handbag counter and converted its luggage display to house even more purses. You'll still be able to find an LV suitcase though; the travel bags have simply been moved to another part of the store.

[Source: The Orange County Register]
[Image Source: Geishaboy500/Flickr]

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