Kim Kardashian’s Designer Bags Stolen at Heathrow Airport | British Airways Blamed for Bag Theft

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Kim Kardashian

Kim KardashianShe’s probably got designer handbags to spare, but Kim Kardashian is still understandably incensed after a few went missing at Heathrow Airport. The reality TV starlet claims British Airways employees pilfered the luxury purses and a pair of sunglasses owned by her late father from her luggage.

On arriving home from a promotional tour of London and visit to the Cannes Film Festival, Kim K says she found her suitcases were much lighter than they were when she checked them in. She went through the trunks to find several handbags and the sunglasses missing.

Very disappointed in British Airways for opening my luggage & taking some special items of mine! Some things are sentimental &not replaceable,” she tweeted in disgust. “What happened to the days when you could lock your bags! We need to get back to that. There’s no sense of security & no trust! Shame on you(sic)

Kardashian has asked British Airways to analyse CCTV footage to find the culprits. If she receives no satisfaction it’s rumored she may take the matter to police.

This sort of publicity will do British Airways no favors leading up to the London Olympics. Hopefully this matter can be dealt with quickly to alleviate the fears of sports-mad travelers!

[Source: Daily Mail]
[Image Source: Toglenn/Wikipedia Commons]