Jana Feifer’s Letters for Literacy Totes | Revamped Initial Bags for Charity

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Jana Feifer Letters For Literacy Tote

Jana Feifer Letters For Literacy ToteJana Feifer hopes to bring her initial bags back into vogue for a good cause. She’s relaunched her signature initial totes to improve literacy rates around the world.

Ten percent of the money raised by the new Letters for Literacy totes will benefit UNESCO’s Literacy Initiative, known as LIFE. The scheme touches 35 countries around the world where half the population is considered illiterate. UNESCO donates educational materials and promotes reading and writing skills to improve these damning statistics.

Each Letters for Literacy tote is crafted from cotton canvas hemp and trimmed with leather for extra strength and style. You can choose whichever letter you like and pink or orange or red and blue color schemes. All those options makes their affordable price seem even more reasonable. Most fashion houses charge far more for a personalized tote bag!

With monogrammed handbags continuing to stay in vogue, the time seems right to revamp Jana Feifer’s initial totes. The colorful initials are cute, and a great reminder of the tote bags’ deeper educational purpose. The totes have oversized dimensions, making them perfect for those days that you want to carry a bit extra.

Jana Feifer’s new initial tote bags retail for $130 from her website and selected retail outlets.