J. Furmani Puffed Satin Clutch | Unusual Arrowhead Purse with Rhinestone closure

Posted on: Oct 7

J. Furmani Puffed Satin with Rhinestone closureJ. Furmani is the undisputed expert on all handbags puffed, quilted and otherwise enhanced by layers of affordable  texture. This puffed satin evening bag is the oddest pattern I have seen him do, but it definitely still fits in with the theme.

If you ignore the fact that to the untrained and slightly geeky eye this purse is either covered in Star Trek badges or sharks teeth, then the pattern is actually quite pretty. It is complex enough to add interest, whilst the repetition prevents it being too busy. The puffiness just further enhances the strength of the pattern, and the softness does combine well with the silver and the art deco clasp.

Of course, what makes this bag even better is the price. At just $31.50, any reservations I have about the choice of shape for this evening bag fly out of the window. What, me, cheap?! Still, if you think you can work such dramatic quilting, then the money stops it being a real risk.

More Features of this J. Furmani Satin Purse

  • Also available in black
  • Puffed satin exterior
  • Silver metal and rhinestone clasp
  • Optional short chain strap

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