Ines Figaredo’s Unusual 4 Against 4 Handbag Collection | Quirky Art Purses are Real Hand Bags!

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Ines Figaredo Hand Bag

Ines Figaredo Hand BagSpanish designer Ines Figaredo has pushed the boundaries with her latest handbag collection, dubbed 4 Against 4.

The 4 Against 4 line is all about combining the world of fashion with avante garde art. The accessories are a bit bizarre, but they also have the luxurious finishes and unusual elegance which should appeal to girls that enjoy originality.

This is Figaredo’s third handbag line, and it picks up where its predecessors left off. Again quality fabrics are put front and center. The jewelry accents make the purses feel especially opulent. These elements are the cornerstones of high-class designers, but it’s what Figaredo does with her materials that ensures her purses shine.

The line features macabre metal hands with bold red fingernails, and other accessories shaped like shoes and violins. Even a blue leather bag which seems fairly traditional is decorated with a man scaling a gold metal ladder. Nothing is classic about Ines Figaredo’s line!

The 4 Against 4 collection won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but its purses are definitely impressive. Each one is handcrafted and produced in limited quantities to ensure they’re true collector’s items.

Their purpose is to be enjoyed, shared and admired for a lifetime, and then to remain, as heirlooms,” Figaredo explained. “Mine is not the concept of luxury that prevails nowadays. My art-bags can be worn with casual clothes, they are meant to encourage women in their desire to stand out, to be unique.

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