Humane Society Accused Retailers of Selling Mislabelled Real Fur | Fake Furs Not so Faux

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Badger Pelt

Badger PeltMany eco-minded stylistas are rejecting authentic fur accessories and apparel and seeking out faux fur alternatives. However the Humane Society of the United States says shoppers may be getting more than they bargained for. The non-profit group filed a legal petition with the Federal Trade Commission this week accusing 11 retailers for misrepresenting faux fur fashions.

It claims Dillard’s, Neiman Marcus, Beyond the Rack, ShopBop, Barneys, Dr. Jays, Revolve Clothing, Gilt Group, Yoox, Summit Sports, and Ssense are selling items labeled as faux, although they contain real animal fur fibers. And the animal rights group has the lab test results to prove it. This puts the retailers in violation of the federal Fur Products Labeling Act, which requires all genuine animal fur products to state the species used and country of origin.

So how should you protect yourself? I guess the obvious answer is to avoid all fur items, even those labeled as imitation fur, until the issue is resolved. Alternatively you could steer clear of goods made in China. In this Asian nation synthetic furs are pricier than genuine ones, so man made fibers tend to be supplemented with real furs, including raccoon and coyote.

The Humane Society is urging the Federal Trade Commission to take action against the retailers. It’s calling for the recall of all offending items, the initiation of proceedings for injunctive relief, and fines of up to $5000 per violation.

Does this story make you more reluctant to indulge in faux fur handbags?

[Source: Ecouterre]