H&M’s Mystery Designer Videos | Will Tomas Maier & Carolina Herrera Collaborate with Budget Retail Chain?

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H&M has us all guessing about their next designer collaborations. The affordable retailer recently released two teaser videos on its Facebook page designed to get tongues wagging.

The first is of a male designer speaking in a European accent. His face is obscured, but one fashion fan is convinced that it’s Bottega Veneta’s Tomas Maier.

It’s Tomas Maier. I did a close up on his hands at a Bottega Veneta show and they are exactly the same,” the eagle-eyed commenter said, before adding that the shoes are made of Bottega Veneta’s signature woven leather.

H&M are being coy, but did add that the commenter has a “Good eye there!” Could this be an admission?

The other video runs along the same lines, but instead has an obscured female designer. Carolina Herrera seems to be a popular guess, but there’s no confirmation yet from H&M.

What a clever advertising campaign this is, as it’s generating some major buzz before the official announcement. That will come on September 9, so until then guess away!