Harveys Releases Summer Luvin’ Mixers Totes | Cocktail Inspired Small Seatbelt Bags

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Harveys Margarita Tote

Harveys Margarita ToteHarveys is getting into the summer spirit with the release of its new Summer Luvin’ Mixers collection.

The Summer Luvin’ Mixers totes are inspired by summery drinks with their bright colors and cocktail names. There’s the Pina Colada with its yellow and white hues, the Raspberry Margarita in magenta and amethyst, and the Mint Julep with its woven two-tone green finish, to name but a few. As we’d expect from Harvey’s, each one is crafted from woven seatbelts.

The Summer Luvin’ Mixer totes are on the small side, with each one measures 8 inches high, 8 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. That may be a little small for some modern girls, but it’s large enough to hold everything you need if you pack it carefully. And at $94, the Summer Luvin’ Mixer totes aren’t badly priced either, especially considering each one comes with a Tough for Life guarantee. This assurance means Harveys will repair any manufacturing defects, free of charge, for the life of the bag.

The Summer Luvin’ Mixers line is really more of the same from Harveys, but if it ain’t broke there’s really no impetus to fix it. The seasonal color palette should bring enough freshness for Harveys fans, although I can’t imagine this collection will win the label any new admirers.