Handbags Favorite Shopping Purchase | Study Shows Women Love Buying Bags

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Handbag with Heart Zipper Pull

Handbag with Heart Zipper PullNew research shows women get a greater buzz buying handbags than they do when indulging in any other item. The study by shopping site Saveme4later.com shows that a new purse made women happier than new shoes, a summer dress, and tickets to see a favorite band. One in four women ranked handbags as their top purchase choice.

Company spokesperson Dermot Dennehy said that while everyone knows women love to shop, he found it “interesting to see what items women get the most pleasure from buying.”

Also interesting was the part of the research which discussed how much thought when into a purchase. Women hemmed and hawed before buying a new winter coat, but snapped up underwear with merely a second thought.

However the days where women regularly shopped on impulse are long gone. It seems that female shoppers have learned their lessons well after the financial crisis, with 81% admitted they’re more careful with their money now than they were five years ago. While that likely means that women are spending less, they’re also feeling a much greater sense of gratification when they do indulge.

What was the last handbag that you bought? And did purchasing it give you the rush the researchers describe?

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