HadeHaver’s Recycled Bottle Cap Bags | Cute Eco-Friendly Plastic Lid Purses

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HadeHaver Bag

HadeHaver BagPortugese pals Sandra Paulo and Bruno Barbosa are giving bottle caps a new lease on life with their quirky accessories label HadeHaver.

The former architects use the plastic lids to handcraft everything from clutch purses to shoulder bags and laptop totes. It’s an important initiative as the lids’ unique plastic is not accepted by many of Portugal’s kerbside recycling programs. HadeHaver’s vital work saves these tiny scraps from a life in landfill.

Originally Paulo and Barbosa received the plastic lids from their friends and family members. However as their business grew and demand for the unusual bags increased, the twosome knew they couldn’t simply rely on the charity of loved ones. Thankfully along the way the company’s also picked up a hoard of admirers who are only too happy to donate their own plastic waste.

The HadeHaver accessories collection pays tribute to Portugal’s most influential queens with bags called the Dona Adelaide de L.W.K. and Dona Leonor Teles de Menezes.

Paulo and Barbosa have considered turning the bottle caps into other items including lamps, but for now the designers are focusing on their accessories collection.

If you’ve fallen for Hadehaver’s quirky sustainable handbags you can order one via the contact form on the company’s website or via its Facebook page.

[Source: Earth911]