Gola Releases Redford Supersize | Label Enlarges Popular Handbag

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Gola Redford Supersize

Gola Redford SupersizeLifestyle brand Gola has created a bag for the packrats with the release of its new Redford Supersize.

The Redford Supersize takes up where the label’s flagship Redford design left off. That iconic bag has been in production since the 1970s, which is a testament to its enduring popularity. Of course women in that decade didn’t need to worry about lugging around a laptop, gym gear, or any of the other gadgets modern women do, so it makes sense to upsize the bag now.

The messenger’s newest incarnation has all of the features that made the Redford popular, just on a much larger scale. Happily the extra dimensions don’t drive the price up too much either. The Redford Supersize is reasonably priced at just ₤30, just a fiver more than the standard model. It’s available in classic color combinations including red and white, black and white, and navy and white.

The release of the Redford Supersize comes at an exciting time for Gola. The label’s celebrating its 107th birthday this week, a milestone which comes hot on the heels of the opening of its new Barcelona store. Its recently released range of bags produced in collaboration with Sheffield designer Tado is also flying off the shelves.

It sounds like things are on the up for Gola. Are you happy to see the Redford reinterpreted on a new grand scale?

[Image Source: Gola website]