Freitag’s New F60 JOAN Bike Bags | Recycled Truck Tarpaulin Handbags for Cyclists

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Sustainable Swiss handbag label Freitag has added a convertible bag for cyclists to its green collection. The clever F60 JOAN bags can become bicycle baskets with just a little know how.

The F60 JOAN bags feature two discrete rear tabs, which help them easily affix to bicycle handlebars. Strapping one on to your cycle sounds a lot easier than wrestling with a handbag on your morning ride!

Like the rest of the Freitag collection, the F60 JOAN is made entirely from recycled materials. In this case the company’s crafted the bags from used truck tarpaulins. This fabric is seriously tough, so you needn’t worry about subjecting it to a little punishment.

Freitag is promoting its newest creation with the clever video above. It sees cyclists in Berlin, Rome, Tokyo, New York, Paris, and other locations around the world using the F60 JOAN as they ride about their cities. If it works for them, I’m sure it’ll work for you too!

Freitag claims it wants its F60 JOAN to become “as famous as a certain movie character from the world of 1960s advertising in New York.” Can you imagine it becoming a cult classic?

The F60 JOAN bags are available in a range of colors for $170 Swiss francs from the Freitag website.