Envoyage’s Practical Taschen Weekender Purse | Innovative New Swiss Design

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Envoyager Taschen Weekender Bag

Envoyager Taschen Weekender BagMen have the Swiss Army knife to get through their day, and now women have a Swiss handbag with its own functional features. Otherwise known as the Taschen Weekender, the practical purse from Swiss label Envoyage offers traditional chic styling with a host of hidden extras.

Envoyage’s chief designer, Claudia Eicke, designed the Taschen to meet the demands of busy career women. It’s meant for the office, the mall, parties, and anywhere else a woman needs to go.

The bag has several useful compartments which allow women to better organize their life. These sections do away with those dreaded extra bags we often take with us. I particularly like the tunneled compartment for a bottle of wine near the base, perfect for winding down after a busy day in the office! But if a tipple doesn’t sound appealing, you can also use the space for a pair of shoes. What a great idea for those after-work events! It’s also crafted from French goat leather which makes it appear ultra-luxurious.

The Taschen Weekender’s styling looks effortless, but it came from constant refining. Eicke made ten prototypes before settling on the perfect purse.

The Taschen Weekender is currently on sale for £863. It can be ordered directly from the Envoyage website.

[Source: Daily Mail]