Environmentally-Friendly Handbags from Green Designers GG2G Made from Recycled Billboards and Bike Tires

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Billboards and bike tires are far from typical handbag materials, but they’re integral parts of GG2G’s environmentally-friendly fashion accessories.

GG2G stands for Green Goods 2 Give & 2 Get, a green accessories company created by Alison Grieveson and Dayan “Day” Moore. Their handbags, along with belts and pillows, look fabulous and keep tons of trash from becoming landfill every year.

Vinyl billboards provide a colorful bag base. Bicycle inner tunes are perfect for detailed work, and recycled Kevlar helps to reinforce the corners. The green designers even recycle the water used to wash the vinyl!

Once we decided to use billboard, that’s when we really kicked in to high gear,” Ms Grieveson said. “People are just excited about the materials. Each piece is unique and it’s different and it’s funky. Each piece is like a piece of art.

This enthusiastic response has seen GG2G purses sold in boutique stores and museum gift shops across the United States. The company now manufactures 17 different purses across their three ranges.

The popular billboard bags come from the Revinylized collection. Chicnik purses are made from vintage fabrics and organic cottons. For something extra special, browse the Fluxure handbags. These beautiful purses combine high-fashion sensibilities with an eco-friendly ethos.

We all want to be a little greener, but no one wants to pay through the nose to do it. Thankfully GG2G’s environmentally-friendly purses are kind to our wallets too. The most expensive purse is just $140, and the cheapest a mere $10!

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