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Comme des Garcons The Beatles Tote

Comme des Garcons The Beatles ToteComme des Garcons shows the other labels how to create band merchandise with style with The Beatles tote.

This tote features black and green apples, a subtle homage to The Beatles’ own recording label, in amongst more traditional black spots. The Beatles logo is also nestled amongst the dots, although in black type it doesn’t leap out from the brown leather.

I have a feeling John Lennon and Paul McCartney would approve of the use of recycled leather rather than brand new skins. It’s an eco-friendly touch that seems very appropriate for this limited edition collection.

The print might suck fans in, but there’s not a lot beyond that to keep them interested. Once you strip that pattern away this is just a stock standard tote, with rolled handles and a very basic interior. It’ll do the job but it probably won’t dazzle you.

It’s up to you to decide whether you need dazzling for $549. That’s not really exorbitant for a leather handbag, but it does make it a very expensive piece of music memorabilia.

More Features of This Comme des Garcons Limited Edition Tote

  • Contrasting trim

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